FlightView Displays

FlightView Displays keep your travelers, visitors and staff well-informed & able to proactively plan around flight delays and cancellations as well as poor weather conditions. Our displays combine real-time information with attractive, high-resolution images to provide valuable information that is easily understood. Enhance your customers' travel experience and score higher customer satisfaction points by providing information where and when they need it. FlightView Displays can be installed in airport terminals: gate waiting areas, shopping areas, food courts, meet & greet areas, airport parking structures, conference centers, hotel lobbies and any other locations with significant traveler traffic.

FlightView Displays are configurable and can be populated with different flight and weather information to suit your audience's needs. We encourage you to review the different content modules—Air Traffic Live!, Weather Live!, Airport Delays, FIDS and Flight-In-Sight!—and contact us to begin a dialogue with an account manager who can help you better understand our Displays and determine the best solution for you.


  • Provide excellent customer service by giving travelers, visitors and staff valuable, timely information.
  • Deliver visually entertaining information that is easily understood with one quick glance.
  • Automatically answer questions about where a plane currently is and how weather is impacting flights to reduce the number of questions that airline and airport personnel must field.
  • Provide new eye-catching real estate for advertising and generating revenue.
  • Offer a plug & play solution with minimal setup by running within a web browser - a flat-screen monitor and PC with Internet access are all you need.


  • Multiple modules with different content - Air Traffic Live!, Weather Live!, Airport Delays, FIDS and Flight-In-Sight!
  • Real-time, reliable flight and weather information
  • Simple, self-explanatory icons and labels
  • Attractive map design with terrain characteristics
  • Configurable visual presentation including the map region, city and/or airport labels, logos, and content rotation.
  • Compatible with different monitor sizes and screen resolutions
  • Embedded ads along the border for local and national advertising

Choose a FlightView display module to learn more:

Air Traffic Live!

Answer the nagging question-"Where is my plane?" with a live picture of the arriving and departing planes around your airport on an eye-catching, high-resolution map.

Weather Live!

With weather-related issues as the leading cause of flight delays, answer questions before they are vocalized with a picture of the current national weather displayed on eye-catching, high-resolution map.

Airport Delays

Since delays at airports across the nation have a domino-affect on one another, show your travelers and visitors a picture of the current red-yellow-green delay status at airports around the country on an eye-catching, high-resolution map.


Help your travelers and visitors learn the latest details about their flight with one quick glance - show them Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) that are highly accurate, easy-to-read and consistent with your web-based FIDS.


Significantly reduce travelers' anxiety and frustration at the gate by showing the inbound plane's current location on a high-resolution map when there is no plane at the end of the jetway.

FlightView Customers

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