FlightView Data Feeds

Add powerful real-time flight and airport information to your current travel products & services with FlightView's robust Data Feeds. Our renowned, accurate, reliable flight data is available for integration with websites, airport and hospitality displays, and scheduling and dispatching software for ground transportation or aviation companies. Improve your operational efficiency, enhance your customers' travel experience, and score higher customer satisfaction points by providing FlightView information in your products and services.

FlightView Data Feeds provide industry standard interfaces that can be customized with a variety of flight content to suit your audience's needs. Contact us to speak with an account manager who can help you better understand FlightView Data Feeds and discuss your flight data options.


  • Instantly enhance your products & services with valuable, up-to-date content.
  • Streamline your operation by integrating flight information into your scheduling and dispatching applications.
  • Enable users to verify flight schedules ahead of time.
  • Adjust to same-day flight delays and cancellations.
  • Reduce your users' need to call airports and airlines and gain increased efficiency.
  • Drive more product sales, increased website traffic, and larger audiences.


  • Flight schedule and real-time departure and arrival information
  • Flight delay and cancellation information
  • Real-time airport delay information
  • Configurable data content and flexible query interface
  • XML and Tab Delimited standard file formats
  • Delivered via the Internet

Choose a FlightView Data Feed module to learn more:


Help your customers and users proactively adjust their plans due to flight changes, delays, and cancellations, by feeding your applications - Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), Web Sites, Mobile Sites, Limousine Scheduling and Dispatch systems - with live, accurate FlightView data on a query-by-query basis. Obtain flight status and flight schedule data for a single flight or a target set of flights in simple XML format.

FV Data Batch & Changes

Get a holistic picture of status on all flights in the US and Canada within a specified time window with FV Data Batch. Great for powering applications at multiple locations or for sending out notifications to a broad audience located across North America. Obtain flight status data and flight schedule data for all flights in the time window in a compact tab-delimited Batch file. Or to reduce transmission size use FV Data Changes to see information only on flights that have changed between the most recent Batch file and a previous baseline Batch file.

FV Airport Delays

Empower your customers to proactively manage their travel plans by giving them a real-time view of the current arrival and departure delays at top airports across North America. Cascading effects of delays are real and can impact travelers’ plans even when they see clear skies out their windows. Use FlightView’s Airport Delay Web Service to get airport delay status information for over 170 U.S. and Canadian airports in simple XML format.

FV Weather Conditions

Get the current weather and/or 5 or 7 day forecast for over 900 airports worldwide. Request weather data for 1-5 airports at a time via a Web service, and receive results for them in XML format. Current conditions are updated every 30 minutes, and 5/7 day forecast is updated four times per day. Show current weather conditions or forecast weather for airports in a wide range of internal and consumer applications as it is often viewed in conjunction with air travel.

FV Flight Tables

Enable your customers and users to perform accurate flight analyses and optimal flight management by pulling large volumes of flight status data for flights across the U.S. and Canada (flight schedules not included here). Obtain this data in a delimited value batch file. This file contains full flight records for all in-air commercial and general aviation flights with one endpoint in the US or Canada; flight status includes actual takeoff & landing times, plus altitude, speed, direction and lat/long. This batch file can feed systems for a number of industries, such as airport operations and ground transportation.

FV XML - OnDemand

Help your customers and users proactively adjust their plans due to flight changes, delays, and cancellations, by feeding your applications - Limousine Scheduling and Dispatch systems - with live, accurate FlightView data. Obtain this flight status and schedule verification data in simple XML format and pay for it on a query-by-query basis.

FlightView Customers

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