Ground Transportation

With over 300 customers in the industry, and 85% of the largest ground transportation companies, FlightView is a trusted source for accurate and actionable real-time information on more than 80,000 flights nationwide every day. Used by dispatchers and drivers, our data instantly refreshes the status of individual flights, real-time weather conditions, air traffic data and the latest FAA and ground advisories to provide critical updates about where and when clients will arrive. FlightView data allows you to arrive just on time, every time.


  • Arrive just in time, every time
  • Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Never call an airline again
  • Reduce fuel costs during waiting time
  • Increase efficiency of fleet and driver scheduling


We encourage you to explore our products and contact us to begin a dialogue with an account manager who can help you determine the best solution.

FlightView Web Content

Enhance your website content & increase site traffic by adding instant access to the latest flight information.

FlightView Data Feeds

Integrate powerful real-time flight & airport information into your travel products & services.

FlightView Dispatch

Manage your fleet more efficiently—know exactly where your planes are, even in bad weather, in high air traffic conditions or during irregular operations.

FlightView Mobile Content

Give your mobile site users instant access to real-time flight information
so they can adjust their plans while
on the go.

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Our Ground Transportation Partners

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